Melanie Notkin can support your brand and product goals. Simply put, no one knows this market better than she does.

Mastering the PANK Market

Melanie will educate you and your teams on the PANK market. Beyond the quantitative data, you'll learn how the PANK really feels about your brand, your products and how they are marketed to in general. There are a lot of assumptions about the PANK and her lifestyle, and they are mostly wrong or limited. Melanie will help you get it right.

Product and Brand Development

Whether you are looking to shift a new product or brand strategy so that it better targets PANKs or you're interested in development from the ideation phase, Melanie can bring insight and focus to your project from day one through launch.

Traditional Marketing and Communications Strategies

Leveraging Melanie as a spokesperson and/or sponsoring within her Savvy Auntie platforms are the best ways to reach and engage PANKs. But Melanie can bring you even deeper in the mind – and heart - of the PANK, and enable you to develop marketing and communications strategies that will not only get her attention, they will help make her a loyal consumer going forward.

Social Media Strategies

Approximately two-thirds of PANKs (67%) are sought out by their friends more than any other friend for advice on a wide range of topics, significantly higher than overall women (60%). PANKs are also more likely to be consulted for their opinions by others regarding purchasing decisions. How do you leverage PANKs' influence? Melanie will be the first to show you how.

"[Notkin's] a trusted voice," said Steven Clough, a media planner for Razorfish who facilitated the [Disney] deal. "Consumers are talking about brands on the Internet, and brands are starting to participate in that conversation…"

–Wall Street Journal

We've seen a lot of networks try and capitalize on the Twitter phenomenon…. We're especially intrigued by TNT's approach to forgo the celebrity angle, however, and turn to a member of the web/tech space for her influence and audience…Notkin's openness about the sponsored conversation, the direct alignment with her audience, and the network's involvement somehow make this campaign appear more genuine.


Having Melanie host our real time social viewing party "OxygenLive" for an episode of Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood was a blast! Fans loved dishing with Savvy Auntie on Tori's fashion, relationship and adorable kids!

– Jennifer Kavanagh, (former) SVP Digital, Oxygen Network

Create new or refine existing products, services and programs specifically for PANKs and the kids in their lives. Our research is not exhaustive of all the kinds of products and programs that can succeed when targeting PANKs, but we do see high potential for travel, digital products and apps, apparel, and banking/investment products. No products are off-limits to PANKs. – The Power of the PANK

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