Let Melanie Notkin represent your brand on air, in print, in person and online.

The Power of the PANK report found that PANKs are much more likely than the average woman to rely on expert advice for informing purchase decisions - and to be inspired by female business leaders and celebrities. As the founder and CEO of Savvy Auntie, national bestselling author, and popular lifestyle expert, no one is more well-suited to be your brand's spokesperson than Melanie Notkin.

Melanie Notkin is a lifestyle expert, media personality and influencer. Savvy Auntie is a media company. By leveraging both together, clients get a powerful 360° influence campaign.

From social media to advertorial, sponsored features, TV segments, video, and event hosting, Melanie Notkin can engage the PANK consumer on multiple platforms all at once. Clients do not get that from major media companies with no 'personality' behind the brand or from social media influencers who only appear online. Melanie Notkin offers the "cool aunt" factor all gift givers aspire to. She's also a toy expert: founder of the Savvy Auntie Coolest Toy Awards, Toy Industry Association Toy of the Year TOTY Nomination Committee member, PlayCon Presenter and on-air TV Gift Guide personality. Melanie also represents the lifestyle of the PANK at home, out and about, and at work.

Through digital, social and live event platforms, Melanie Notkin is able to produce a perfect wrap around your brand's key messages. And as liaison, Notkin interacts and engages with consumers "en-masse" as well as direct one-on-one exchanges, establishing a strong connection between the audience and the brand. Working with Melanie Notkin and Savvy Auntie enables clients to acknowledge the long-neglected Savvy Auntie audience. Melanie will work with brands to create a compelling and authentic partnership to share their story with her Savvy Auntie audience and to gift givers in general.

The segment is more open to trusting media, rankings lists, and personalities, helping inform a marketer's roadmap for PANK strategies. – The Power of the PANK

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